end of an era

 This story jumps ahead, there will be more between coming up.


   The run of the petafylers was over this night. It was their last show. The one time guitar player was on vocals at this point. It was their last show. I wish I could give you the full show run down but I can’t for different reasons which you will see soon.


   I was drinking heavy but could still fully function. I think all of us were. The woman that would become my girlfriend shortly after all this shit was hurt, so I walked her back to her house a few weeks away. I was drinking whiskey and fucking her until I got a phone call to come back. I saw the beginning of their set and the end because I had to drive someone how that was passed out on a table.


   They were in rare form. You could feel the anger, the energy, and what all this meant. I do not know if I have ever seen them better. Bodies and spit were flying. The two stand ins were holding it down. By this point the singer and bass player both left. At points you could barely hear the singers voice over that of everyone shouting the lyrics.


   This is one day I wish I could revisit but it is probably better not to have another one like this. Take the fucking out, and the beginning of a bad relationship. It is a night for the record books.


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