Tennessee insanity

I think the guy I was booking with brought hans condor to the bar. Whoever it was I should have thanked. They are from somewhere in Tennessee if I remember right. You can see the Iggy and the stooges influence. Some long haired motherfuckers that tore it down. I saw the old fucks getting into it. There was intensity, passion, skill, and lack of caring all bound together. I do not know if they use speed or coke but either one would be a good bet on what I saw that night. Their crew was with them. It seemed like equality even when it comes to beating ass if needed.


   I have no fucking clue who was on the bill the rest of the night. I know that happens a lot. I know it was regulars I just do not remember who. I am hoping they got enough gas money and a place to crash, I was wasted though so I do not know for sure. Not puke wasted, those stories are coming. It was a mix of adrenaline and cheap beer since that is what I have always leaned towards. It is a band I have only seen once and want to see again.


   Jaws were dropped, beer was spilled, and bodies were flying. The music was like a jackhammer wielded by someone on p.c.p.


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