One glove

Early on I mentioned someone that was or is part of a gospel family. I have seen him with his band pi, if you get a chance do not pass it up. He plays bass with one glove on kind of like Michael Jackson if he had more musical talent instead of just singing. I expected some stuff that was maybe a little raunchy but he is more tongue and cheek and plays bass more smoothly than anyone else I have seen. It just comes across completely natural. I could say a lot about him as a man but that is for people that know him which if you are reading this I am guessing you don’t even if you do.


He was around a lot and asked me to play bass for pi at one point. It never happened and I am glad it didn’t I do not have that level of skill. It was an honor to be asked none the less. I am guessing he was drunker than he seemed. The church is good at covering up how drunk or fucked up someone actually is in my experience.




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