The good ginger tales

I talked about the bad ginger before, but it is time to bring up the ginger that might have a soul. He is like Chewbaca if he was a ginger that spoke english. Rough around the edges, loyal, foul mouthed, pushes buttons but is a brother. I met him though the petafylers He is the kind of dickhead you want to know.


I can not count the times he has had me laughing until I almost pissed or may have. The king of assholes but not a drunk even though he has passed me a half gallon of rot gut whiskey on occasions. He is part of the stories and missing from some to. A human tank.An Asshole. A hell of man. I am not trying to fuck him even though from reading this it might seem like it.

There will be a lot of other people mentioned coming up but none by name.



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