glory hounds need not apply

   On the jam nights sometimes this Mike Ness want to be would come in. He modeled himself after someone he may have met once. He would get drunk and tell me his music would be legendary. He wasn’t bad for a solo guy with an electric guitar.I still don’t know why he came to the spot since he did not live in the area if I remember right. It was a bit of a drive to try to convince people of something they would never believe.


   There were not a lot of people that came like this. Most let the music do the talking knowing if it was good enough nothing else was needed. We had people with raw talent in regularly that would not openly talk about past accomplishments unless they knew you.


   I guess we all get the want for approval at times, but it can be annoying and pathetic. I am not saying he always was but had his moments. I am leaving his name out since like I said I am not a snitch, and honestly I do not remember it. Truth be told I don’t even really remember what he looks like besides trying to be Mike Ness.


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