polishing a burn victom

Not every night was golden. There were problems on a regular basis, the door money being skimmed, regulars that came in for trouble only, no cops besides twice for noise reasons at least when I was there all the time. I knew and know why cops do not show up.

There were a lot of nights I was not sure things could keep going. Between drinking like my liver was sentenced to death, a few people that could never be gangster but wanted to be, people skimming from the door, driving nights I clearly shouldn’t. We were reckless, some of us didn’t make it. The amount of booze, the cocaine (done by others), the over stepping by idiots not the band but crazy motherfuckers not thinking. That is normal in a lot of places though.

The rose colored glasses are off for this one. I forget if I already covered uncle Donnie committing suicide, the time where the police were somewhat welcomed due to someone trying to go wild with a broken bottle (I wasn’t there for that one), the hostage situation or standoff depending on how you look at it, the guy hiding in the couch for three days I do not remember why. I was there for the more peaceful time and all that happened during my time there.

It was safe due to basically a gang of us keeping an eye. The place brought the best and worst of many of us. The supposed hand stabbing (I wasn’t there for that and if I was you wouldn’t get the names out of me). At times I miss the clubhouse , at others I don’t knowing I shouldn’t because I found the place when I was early 20s and am 34 now. No way I would survive going at that pace so long. I got lucky where others have not in the alcohol fueld life.

I know it isn’t the same now, nowhere is though. It is about the people not the place unless you a farmer possibly.

I have heard when cops are called four cop cars would show up because they knew it was going to be a dangerous situation. There is beauty in that to me. I like where police are not welcome. With that can come trouble. I was not there when the cops were called that was before my time.

I know one person was drugged, I was not there when it happened but still know it to be true. Luckily it did not go further than that. You can never keep all the bad away, and sometimes the guilty have quicker feet than the time you have to prove it.


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