public display of fuck you

   Another night another show. If I remember right the serpent men were playing that night. I can’t remember who else was playing, for this story the others are not important.


   The serpent men’s music was not clean, not pretty, and probably not fit for public consumption. It was usually pretty fun though


   The bass player was known for shoving things up his pee hole and things of that nature. It was common knowledge.


   They were around a half way through their set when some guy comes up to the bass player drops to his knees and tries to unzip the bass player’s pants. He was in the middle of a song at the time. Apparently he didn’t want head at that moment, since he struck him in the head. They finished their set, The guy that tried to suck him off attempted to come up and say something, but got blasted in the face and fell to the floor. The bass player stormed away, I forget how long he stuck around but I remember the guy laying on the floor leaving quickly.


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