Attack of brain dead asshole

It was a jam night, the gospel family member was no longer running it. The drummer for leading cause of death was. This is the last night he ran it. It was a small turn out, mainly me, the drummer and a guy that was like a brother at the time playing shit, every once in a while someone else would jump in. The bartender usually had their boyfriend helping them. He was helping this night. He was a bit of a prick, want to be thug, and thief. He had a bug up his ass, I do not remember why. There was an argument out of nowhere between the two guys. The drummer was not looking for a fight, but the bar tenders helper was. He came from behind the bar and attacked him, I wish I could give you a reason why, I saw him attack his cousin on a different night to


I wanted to jump in, it didn’t last long. Needless to my views changed on someone that night.


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