Young generous booze bag

   Tonight I switched to starting on a handle of Jim Beam, Not what I was drinking in the story or stories I am about to tell.

   There was a guy in his really early twenties that used to come in. He partially wanted to be a thug, partially wanted to seem like a big shot. He would drop $200 a night a lot of times, buying shots of patron for people. I would encourage him since I was was not paying for anything myself.


   Some people want to be liked or loved, when drinking I love to have them around because their money can be of more value than their mind. I am not saying he was stupid, but he was young and desperate. I remember drinking ten shots a night on occasion.I am surprised I did get hospitalized from it. I did puke from it at some points though. I do not blame him, but I do thank him.


   He wasn’t into the music. Wasn’t into the people really, but was into the recognition. The guy I booked with used to be his soccer coach if I remember right. It might be why he was so ready to ask me if I wanted a shot.


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