The good ginger tales

I talked about the bad ginger before, but it is time to bring up the ginger that might have a soul. He is like Chewbaca if he was a ginger that spoke english. Rough around the edges, loyal, foul mouthed, pushes buttons but is a brother. I met him though the petafylers He is the kind of dickhead you want to know.


I can not count the times he has had me laughing until I almost pissed or may have. The king of assholes but not a drunk even though he has passed me a half gallon of rot gut whiskey on occasions. He is part of the stories and missing from some to. A human tank.An Asshole. A hell of man. I am not trying to fuck him even though from reading this it might seem like it.

There will be a lot of other people mentioned coming up but none by name.



Religion wanted?

Christian bands would  come play some times. I never understood why. I am guessing the name of the venue didn’t get out, or they were willing to play anywhere. Drunks, addicts, degenerates, and people that believe in some magical being. We had more people closer to the devil than they were to Jesus even if they went to church every week.


There were not problems those nights, even the time I made sure a super drunk freshly widowed woman got home safely. I could go into more detail but won’t out of respect. Nothing bad happened. As far as I remember I a was a gentleman.

Redneck, racist, or fuck your opinion you piece of shit

A lot of people had and have a lot of different thoughts about the regulars. They thought they were racist, which some of them were, thought they were rednecks which was true. They were and are the kind of people to tell you what is what. Mainly good bad people. Even the bikers that came in didn’t start problems. I do not know if it is some kind of sanctuary We welcomed everyone, were compared to cbgb’s but I do not know why. I have never been there so I can not comment on the accuracy.


I know we had a lot of people come through, not all that were supposed to be there legally. Including a white nerdy rap duo that always makes my head hurt. Almost seemed like they were trying to hard to be out there. Not saying anything about them as people, but jesus fucking christ was that shit hard to listen to some nights. They were welcomed though.

Young generous booze bag

   Tonight I switched to starting on a handle of Jim Beam, Not what I was drinking in the story or stories I am about to tell.

   There was a guy in his really early twenties that used to come in. He partially wanted to be a thug, partially wanted to seem like a big shot. He would drop $200 a night a lot of times, buying shots of patron for people. I would encourage him since I was was not paying for anything myself.


   Some people want to be liked or loved, when drinking I love to have them around because their money can be of more value than their mind. I am not saying he was stupid, but he was young and desperate. I remember drinking ten shots a night on occasion.I am surprised I did get hospitalized from it. I did puke from it at some points though. I do not blame him, but I do thank him.


   He wasn’t into the music. Wasn’t into the people really, but was into the recognition. The guy I booked with used to be his soccer coach if I remember right. It might be why he was so ready to ask me if I wanted a shot.

Attack of brain dead asshole

It was a jam night, the gospel family member was no longer running it. The drummer for leading cause of death was. This is the last night he ran it. It was a small turn out, mainly me, the drummer and a guy that was like a brother at the time playing shit, every once in a while someone else would jump in. The bartender usually had their boyfriend helping them. He was helping this night. He was a bit of a prick, want to be thug, and thief. He had a bug up his ass, I do not remember why. There was an argument out of nowhere between the two guys. The drummer was not looking for a fight, but the bar tenders helper was. He came from behind the bar and attacked him, I wish I could give you a reason why, I saw him attack his cousin on a different night to


I wanted to jump in, it didn’t last long. Needless to my views changed on someone that night.

public display of fuck you

   Another night another show. If I remember right the serpent men were playing that night. I can’t remember who else was playing, for this story the others are not important.


   The serpent men’s music was not clean, not pretty, and probably not fit for public consumption. It was usually pretty fun though


   The bass player was known for shoving things up his pee hole and things of that nature. It was common knowledge.


   They were around a half way through their set when some guy comes up to the bass player drops to his knees and tries to unzip the bass player’s pants. He was in the middle of a song at the time. Apparently he didn’t want head at that moment, since he struck him in the head. They finished their set, The guy that tried to suck him off attempted to come up and say something, but got blasted in the face and fell to the floor. The bass player stormed away, I forget how long he stuck around but I remember the guy laying on the floor leaving quickly.

What good is old timey music without a pistol?

I booked a two day festival during a holiday. Ten bands over two days. Me and my ex were still together at the time we had bbqs both days before the shows. The first night the last band of the night almost set the place on fire from setting parts of the drum kit on fire. It burned out quick and none of the building caught fire. The first night went pretty smoothly, at this point we were getting ten percent of the bar supposedly if it made over $1000, but honestly if it was near that number we did. I always paid it out to the bands. As far as others I don’t know.

Most of the wrecking crew was there, it was a group of me and my friends at the time. Most were in n.a trying to get clean. Most didn’t, one or two ended up trying to join a nazi group even though at the time I had no idea they had that leaning. If I did, or what some of them were capable of I would have never stuck around. They kept it quiet.

Angel was part of it to, a one handed stripper not originally from this area. May she rest in peace. Before she died she was beat by a member of the crew that she was dating and this was kept quiet. I am not a violent fucker usually but for this waste of flesh it is swing on site. She moved back to where she was from and overdosed as far as I have heard. I remember shorty after she got the word dork tattooed across her one set of knuckles.

Back to the story. The second night of the festival some scrawny ginger cocksucker who had a dog named criminal if that tells you anything got booted from the show. Someone followed him home from what I have heard. The dumb shit went into his house grabbed a pistol, walked the guy back at gunpoint and held four people hostage outside the venue, to the side near the back.

There was at least one person inside that had a pistol, but they did not go out even when Mike asked for it to take care of business.

Luckily no one was shot, no one died. I hear that ginger fuck went into the city the next day and got his ass handed to him.

The alcohol wasn’t the problem that night, just one dumbass with too few brain cells to recognise basic shapes.

We had a lot of bands from a neighboring state including brand new ones. The unnamed uncle I have talked about before was there with his country band. They blew me away. That night I got a cd that had no music on it from them. I am still trying to track down that halfmoon highway.

It wasn’t the normal crowd but enough usual’s were around to keep the inside safe.