The ugly

There is a woman which I knew at one time which I think was a cheater. I met her through the time I was at the place I talked about so far. It was one of the early nights of the back room. She said she hurt her back which she may have. I can’t say how she felt.

After the fact she became a heroin addict and a hooker after distancing himself from him meaning coddington I may have distanced himself first. Do I still have a soft spot for her? Yes. It is my brothers sister. Why the fuck wouldn’t I. The woman I was talking about was seen on cnn for a garage fire with kids inside. Hers and her sisters. This was fucked but it was after she cleaned her mother out. By that I mean took all her cash at least most of it anyway.

Heroin is a hell of a drug.


Tennessee insanity

I think the guy I was booking with brought hans condor to the bar. Whoever it was I should have thanked. They are from somewhere in Tennessee if I remember right. You can see the Iggy and the stooges influence. Some long haired motherfuckers that tore it down. I saw the old fucks getting into it. There was intensity, passion, skill, and lack of caring all bound together. I do not know if they use speed or coke but either one would be a good bet on what I saw that night. Their crew was with them. It seemed like equality even when it comes to beating ass if needed.


   I have no fucking clue who was on the bill the rest of the night. I know that happens a lot. I know it was regulars I just do not remember who. I am hoping they got enough gas money and a place to crash, I was wasted though so I do not know for sure. Not puke wasted, those stories are coming. It was a mix of adrenaline and cheap beer since that is what I have always leaned towards. It is a band I have only seen once and want to see again.


   Jaws were dropped, beer was spilled, and bodies were flying. The music was like a jackhammer wielded by someone on p.c.p.

let there be blood

   Here is a story or background about two people. A male and a female unnamed. I had a crush on a someone it was the drummer from the petafylers girlfriend. She was violent but only when needed or receptive. The guy I am talking about has been bloody due to her but was not her boyfriend.He was a rough son of a bitch couldn’t say how he is now.  They were linked with the petafylers as you know by now. I had respect for both. I remember them ripping my pants by picking me up by them.


   The female wouldn’t take any shit. Either would he. Both possibly gluttons for punishment. When things got rowdy in a good way they were usually in the mix.


   They will be mentioned in many stories I am sure.

glory hounds need not apply

   On the jam nights sometimes this Mike Ness want to be would come in. He modeled himself after someone he may have met once. He would get drunk and tell me his music would be legendary. He wasn’t bad for a solo guy with an electric guitar.I still don’t know why he came to the spot since he did not live in the area if I remember right. It was a bit of a drive to try to convince people of something they would never believe.


   There were not a lot of people that came like this. Most let the music do the talking knowing if it was good enough nothing else was needed. We had people with raw talent in regularly that would not openly talk about past accomplishments unless they knew you.


   I guess we all get the want for approval at times, but it can be annoying and pathetic. I am not saying he always was but had his moments. I am leaving his name out since like I said I am not a snitch, and honestly I do not remember it. Truth be told I don’t even really remember what he looks like besides trying to be Mike Ness.

end of an era

 This story jumps ahead, there will be more between coming up.


   The run of the petafylers was over this night. It was their last show. The one time guitar player was on vocals at this point. It was their last show. I wish I could give you the full show run down but I can’t for different reasons which you will see soon.


   I was drinking heavy but could still fully function. I think all of us were. The woman that would become my girlfriend shortly after all this shit was hurt, so I walked her back to her house a few weeks away. I was drinking whiskey and fucking her until I got a phone call to come back. I saw the beginning of their set and the end because I had to drive someone how that was passed out on a table.


   They were in rare form. You could feel the anger, the energy, and what all this meant. I do not know if I have ever seen them better. Bodies and spit were flying. The two stand ins were holding it down. By this point the singer and bass player both left. At points you could barely hear the singers voice over that of everyone shouting the lyrics.


   This is one day I wish I could revisit but it is probably better not to have another one like this. Take the fucking out, and the beginning of a bad relationship. It is a night for the record books.

off the rails, or should have been

At one point in time there was talk of midget tossing and wheelchair jousting brought up at the bar. Midget tossing by angel, and wheelchair jousting by Mike that spends a lot of his time in one. It would be even more added business, and I would love to throw someone smaller than me. I was told I was going to be the horse for jousting. I am still wanting to wheelchair joust with a broom handle. Sounds like fun to me.


I was wanting that shit to happen form seven until eight.  Before the shows. During would be fun but to dangerous. Angel vanished before the midget tossing could happen.

The good ginger tales

I talked about the bad ginger before, but it is time to bring up the ginger that might have a soul. He is like Chewbaca if he was a ginger that spoke english. Rough around the edges, loyal, foul mouthed, pushes buttons but is a brother. I met him though the petafylers He is the kind of dickhead you want to know.


I can not count the times he has had me laughing until I almost pissed or may have. The king of assholes but not a drunk even though he has passed me a half gallon of rot gut whiskey on occasions. He is part of the stories and missing from some to. A human tank.An Asshole. A hell of man. I am not trying to fuck him even though from reading this it might seem like it.

There will be a lot of other people mentioned coming up but none by name.